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Commitment, Reliability, Follow-through...

More than words on a page, these reflect who we are and what we believe in. For us, relationships with our clients are long term and they serve a shared vision of the future. And our commitment to their success drives business innovation that delivers a shared competitive advantage.

Established in 1986 to provide premier management services to residential and commercial owners associations and commercial real estate owners in Northern California, Advanced Property Management (APM) is a privately held management company with offices in Pleasant Hill and Sacramento, California.

APM is dedicated to a select clientele for whom we provide exceptional management services.

Our principals work directly with association boards and property owners and are committed to a high level of service and consultation based in sound financial practice and process efficiency.

We have been recognized for our ability to work proactively and creatively with municipalities and other organizations to develop groundbreaking, innovative solutions that save money and serve the greater good.

Prompt, professional response, attention to detail, and quality service are our hallmarks. Our goal in every property we serve is to establish and maintain our reputation as the very best in the industry.

The fact is, property management is complex and cyclical.

With APM on board, our customers have an advocate in their corner with the experience, competence and best practices to see them through the best and the most challenging of times. (And they tell us they worry less and enjoy life more as a result.)

From sound financials, to professional communications and management, to creative problem solving with cities and other agencies, we bring to the work a passion for excellence and innovation and a desire to serve the greater good.

We want to help you fulfill your vision.

When we sit down to talk, you can know that we'll be listening.

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