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"APM offers great depth of professionalism...They are flexible, agile and adaptive."

- Robert Abbott, President

Cresthill Homeowners Association


We enjoy great relationships with our clients. The testimonials below reflect what just some of them have said about their experience working with APM.

"Advanced Property Management has served our community for more than 26 years as an effective property management company and as a partner of the HOA Board of Directors. APM displays a sensitivity toward balancing expenses while promoting smart income management. They provide invaluable insight in identifying and managing resources and vendors -- major projects are completed on time, on budget and often ahead of schedule. In fact, APM's proactive counsel enabled the HOA Board to take advantage of timely opportunities resulting in significant cost savings. And it's APM's creative vision that has contributed significantly to enhancing our community, thereby ensuring its collective and individual property values for today and tomorrow."

- Deborah Nordstrom, Secretary

Hidden Lakes Duets Home Association

"Board Meetings have always been conducted professionally and Jay's follow through is excellent. I would like to mention that Advanced Property Management is readily available by telephone... I am very happy to tell you that Hidden Lakes has a substantial reserve account due to the expertise of Jay Spangenberg. Our homeowners are pleased. We have beautiful landscaping in our common areas, a well maintained pool and excellent insurance coverage. We are without worry. That's a great feeling!"

Mercedes Lannes, President

Hidden Lakes Duets Home Association

"When APM came on board, numerous areas of management had to be cleaned up. I can say in all honesty it as a daunting task, but one that was accomplished in a very professional manner. In short, APM does what it promises..."


"APM is a reliable and trustworthy company and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any homeowners associations... I'm a hard task master and APM has not disappointed me."

-Dellie Malcewicz

 Vice President

 Heather Farms Homeowners Association


"I've had extensive experience with other property management companies through many years of doing business and it hasn't been very good. The level of competency was just not there and there was a lack of follow through and more oversight was needed. In contrast, APM and Marco in particular are exceptionally high-caliber... I'm able to have complete faith that all issues will be handled at a very high level of competence and expertise. Marco is at the level and caliber of my attorney and I've worked with dozens of attorneys. He brings great intellect to the work, he's amazingly intelligent and also very personable. It's an absolute pleasure to do business with him."

-Peter Navarra


Albert and Celeste Navarra Family Partnership, L.P.

Cresthill Homeowners Association

"Jay Spangenberg's availability, attention to detail, and follow through are outstanding. In a relatively short period of time with his necessary assistance, we have been able to accomplish a great deal. In less than a year, the Association transitioned from an operational loss to a surplus. Our reserves are now safely earning substantially higher interest. The Board has a clearer understanding of the Association's financial responsibilities and position... homeowners have all current information necessary to judge their financial risk and coverage, and our landscape is in the best condition it has ever been and is still improving. There is no question in my mind: none of this could have been accomplished without APM's assistance."

-Gailord Gordon, Treasurer

"Since 1989, I have worked with four other property management companies at two other homeowner associations as a Board Member and as President... I have come to appreciate working with a management company that has far exceeded my expectations. Advanced Property Management is by far the most professional, courteous and knowledgeable team with a work ethic beyond what is expected of a management company: they truly care... I want to thank Jay Spangenberg and the APM team for providing professional guidance, tireless support and quality of service."

-Robert Abbott, President

"When we purchased the Office Depot property in Sacramento, APM was already retained as the property manager. After meeting with Marco and discussing services, we decided to stay with APM. We also asked APM to manage our Fremont computer manufacturing facility. It is one of the best decisions our family has made. Marco has been intelligent and proactive, suggesting solutions to problems before they arise and handling them in an efficient, timely and professional manner. We have endured a number of crises and Marco has been able to act and think creatively and with sound judgment. I would say our relationship with APM has stood the test of time. It is better than ever."

-Lawrence Kumabe

Yokota Investments, LLC

"I wanted to let you know that the APM team has been helping me with various issues over the past year and I have been so pleased with their great service and attention to detail. No matter what comes their way, the APM team is professional, polite, positive (wow!) helpful, and oh so responsive. They keep me posted on the progress of my issues and give me a nudge when needed to do my part. Having been with Skywest for the past 16 years, I can with confidence tell you that the APM team is the best I have worked with. I am always confident they will take care of things and I'm always pleased to have them represent my needs.

-Stephanie S., Homeowner

Skywest Homeowners Association

Collating Data

"APM was in place with the Napa Valley Commons when I joined LBA. I didn't know them at all, but I've observed how many associations operate and this is the best association I've ever seen... Napa Valley Commons has a diverse tenancy and lacked representation at the community level. APM's principals, Jay and Bob, have worked hard at developing good relationships with the City of Napa to establish dialog and to collaborate... This is on top of their work to identify opportunities to improve cost-cutting measures, such as the reclaimed water irrigation project, new sign program, and signage way finding.

Giving a Presentation

"The way APM manages board meetings is exemplary. They prepare a detailed report on the financials and the packaging of the material and their presentation is always exceptional. Meetings flow quickly because they're always orderly and organized. You never have to wonder if APM has completely vetted an issue or a situation: they come fully prepared every single time we have a meeting.


"An example of how APM adds value is the reclaimed water initiative... Reclaiming water is big right now and this is an initiative that will benefit many. The savings have been huge. In our industry, people want to explore and learn about creative approaches like this.

"APM is always looking for opportunities to save on our behalf and their pricing is very fair.


"APM drove initiatives to reposition Napa Valley Commons by extending amenities throughout the park, establishing bike trails and walking paths, and encouraging wineries within the park to open their doors. You can feel it: the repositioning enhances the environment for tenants looking for office and warehouse space. And the city sees the association as proactively engaged."

- Melody Thebeau, Director of Operations

Northern California LBA Realty

"APM does an outstanding job managing this business park: they think outside the box and they view their responsibilities as extending out to the entire community. They take a lot of time to listen: they 'listen to hear, not to reply.' They incorporate the association's new goals and initiatives into the plan for the next year. They think big and they think forward. They do the best job I've ever seen a property owners association management company do.

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