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Residential Association Management

Residential Homeowner Associations (HOAs) rely on their management company for the day to day heavy lifting as well as long term enhancement of their residential investment. Effective management means being responsible and accountable to the Board of Directors and property owners for ensuring that assessment funds are used wisely.

APM has enjoyed recognition by boards, owners and municipalities for proactive, innovative and visionary management initiatives in the residential communities we serve. And we offer exceptional service without compromise. With our distributed workforce business model and strategic use of technology, we're able to deliver efficiency and value to our clients while maintaining an exceptional reputation within the industry.

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Proactive Management

Strong proactive Association management helps to ensure that these funds are used wisely. A beautifully maintained property and a solid financial statement are unspoken testimonies to members of the association that the Board of Directors is exercising strong leadership.

We pride ourselves on being naturally proactive rather than reactive. And we're solutions oriented. We're available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a live emergency answering service ensures that we can be reached in emergencies. If necessary, we have the expertise to assist with emergency repairs.

Management Objectives
  • Keep the Board of Directors fully informed of the project status and any significant changes or events affecting the property

  • Oversee management of maintenance projects to ensure a consistently high standard is maintained

  • Assist the Board of Directors with financial planning required for preparing the annual budget and capital reserve accounts

  • Facilitate communication between the Board of Directors and association members

  • Work with the Board of Directors to establish and enforce policies and procedures that are consistent with the association CC&Rs​​

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Financial Objectives
  • Work with the Board of Directors to establish and enforce policies and procedures that are consistent with the association CC&Rs

  • Provide assistance in ensuring safety and securing attractive interest rates when investing Association reserves

  • Provide a complete and accurate accounting of all funds received, accounts payable and accounts receivable (current and past due)

  • Provide expert assistance with the management of delinquent accounts

  • Provide understandable and accurate financial reports

Project Maintenance

Strategic long-term maintenance can have significant aesthetic and economic implications.

It directly impacts the impression that property owners - existing and prospective - as well as their visitors have of the property and increases the property appeal and value.

We emphasize the importance of preventive maintenance and our maintenance reviews focus on deferred issues that when addressed will enhance value

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Board Meetings

We believe that the time the Board of Directors and association members invest in board meetings and annual meetings should be used wisely.

Effective meeting management is a critical form of communication with owners and we're very good at it. We manage and deliver the board packages and advance communications that enable board meetings to run smoothly, with nothing being overlooked.

APM seeks to always communicate in a professional, neighborly and courteous way to promote a spirit of cooperation in the community.

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