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Commercial Real Estate Management

Real estate property owners entrust their management company with stewardship of the physical and financial integrity of their investment. Effective management means being responsible and accountable to the owners and ensuring that the funds generated by the property are used wisely to create value and return on the investment.

APM does the legwork for property owners by gathering and preparing information and formulating options so owners can make informed and efficient decisions

The principals and staff at APM have deep experience in the operation and management of commercial real estate. With our distributed workforce business model and strategic use of technology, we deliver efficiency and value to our clients while maintaining an exceptional reputation within the industry

Management Objectives
  • Keep owners fully informed of the project status and any significant changes or events affecting the property

  • Oversee management of projects to ensure a consistently high standard is maintained

  • Recommend and coordinate leasing efforts with a property specialist

  • Assist owners with modernization and other construction and design projects

  • Assist owners with financial planning required for preparing the annual budget and capital reserve accounts

  • Facilitate communication between owners and lenders

  • Facilitate tenant communication

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Financial Objectives
  • Provide a complete and accurate accounting of all funds received, accounts payable and accounts receivable (current and past due)

  • Provide expertise and financial models critical for long range financial planning, including cash flow and capital reserve planning

  • Provide assistance in safely investing reserve funds

Project Maintenance

Strategic long-term maintenance can have significant aesthetic and economic implications.

It directly impacts the impression that tenants - existing and prospective - as well as their clients and visitors have of the property and increases the appeal and ultimate value for the entire property.

We emphasize the importance of preventive maintenance and our maintenance reviews focus on deferred issues that when addressed will enhance value.

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Open Laptop

Communication is an essential element in successful property and asset management.

We believe that our commitment to efficient, clear and accurate communications delivers strategic value to APM and to the clients we serve.

Our communications are one of the most mentioned and appreciated aspects of our service.

Reporting and Billing

The word our customers typically use to describe our financial reporting and billing is "understandable."

APM invests heavily in technology and training to do this well and we've found that our reports are an effective tool for communication with owners as well as outside organizations, such as banks and insurance carriers.

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Construction Management

Our principals and staff have extensive experience in both residential and commercial construction bidding and oversight. In addition, we have established relationships with architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers throughout Northern California.

Our understanding of physical structures is essential and we strive to contribute to updating and modernizing properties in our care.

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